Project launch



Awareness of the project and implementation of management rules



The anchor of this set of activities is the Kickoff meeting, which includes all the preparatory activities required for an efficient steering and implementation of the project.

This Kick-Off is the opportunity to hold the first committees: Steering Committee (CoPil), WP Leaders Committee (CoWoP), Internal Project Committee (IPC) and to bring together all stakeholders during a workshop to raise awareness of the PURSEA project.

This meeting is also an opportunity to set up the management framework of the project by training the team leaders, who make up the IPC, in the administrative and financial procedures of the EU.

The internal and external communication modalities including the design of the website and the participative platform are also presented at the time of the launch.

The organization of the tasks described below will be sequenced in conferences, training workshops and exchange times led by the various partners for a better appropriation of the contents and objectives.


  1. Launching workshop

    The launching workshop was held in Hanoi for 2 days. It brought together the main partners and the associated partners, namely the Rectors of the universities and the senior ministerial officials.
    During the launching, the work plan for the 3 years of the project and the budget distribution between the partners were validated.
    The 3 committees, CoPil, CoWoP and CIP, are set up with their respective members and hold their first meetings following the inaugural conferences.
    It is planned that these conferences will be translated into the three languages, Vietnamese, Cambodian and French, thanks to a system of simultaneous translations in booths.

  2. Training in the project's administrative and financial rules

    The management tools are defined before the project and a procedures manual defining the management rules is developed by P2. A presentation of these tools is made during a one-day training session for the members of the IPC for optimal use. It is organized after the 2 days of launching. This training includes a quality assurance component.

  3. Partnership agreement within the consortium

    Following the kick-off workshop, the framework partnership agreements are adjusted and sent for signature to all partners.




All partners are involved

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