Multi-year action plan
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Multi-year action plan



Implementation and monitoring of the multi-year action plan



WP6 is carried out over 3 semesters; it aims to implement multi-year action plans of partner HEIs defined during WP 5 and in line with the work of WP 2-3-4 and the contexts of each partner university. During the period of this WP two specific training periods will be organized to support the system (see WP7).

WP 6 brings about the transformation of the management of partner universities and to achieve this, the mechanism for implementing action plans within partner establishments is essential and engages the entire university community which enables the transformation. The success of such a device augmented by the organization is the multi-year format of the action plan which here guarantees the sustainability of the transformation.

The team leaders ensure the smooth running of the system by setting up different operational working groups within each partner university.

As the action plans are multiannual, the objective is to introduce the action from the first year to advance the following years and thus implement the desired changes as soon as possible.


  1. Workshops to prepare for the operationalization of multiannual action plans and comitology (who does what per action).

    Once WP5 is finalized, two days of preparation are planned in order to verify that the descriptive sheets for each action enter into an overall planning system for the establishment. This will involve adjusting the operational action plans and fine-tuning the reporting stages according to the recommendations of the committees. For this, the methodology of quality assurance and benchmarks will need to be refined and put into practice.

    Consideration will be given to the contribution of European partners in terms of methodological and training contributions with a view to strengthening the piloting capacities of partner universities throughout WP6 and in connection with WP7.

  2. Implementation of the multi-year action plan by each partner establishment

    This activity takes the form of remote support and training modules (cf. WP7) which will take place at the start of the work package (Phnom Penh, October 2021) and in the middle (Danang, May 2022) with the aim of deploying resources and to achieve the first objectives set in the short term.

    The implementation of the action plan requires both taking into account the departure schedule and piloting by the team leaders with the support of the leader of the batch and European partners. Daily remote meetings will take place to move forward efficiently. During this activity, an analysis will be made to find out the views of teachers and students involved in the aid and support mechanisms put in place as part of a priority action.

  3. Intermediate meeting to support the implementation of the multi-year action plan at the Danang Polytechnic Institute (Vietnam)

    This will be an opportunity for 4 days to take stock of the situation and the progress of the work, and to continue training in the service of good governance of universities. This activity will allow each partner to present the progress of the implementation of the action plan, the difficulties encountered and the levers identified. It will also be an opportunity to identify the priority works to be put in place for the second phase of implementation.

    The meeting will be organized in the form of practical workshops led by P12 - ULB, WP leader, in the presence of internal teams who will be in charge of the activities to be implemented. At each meeting, collective learning is privileged for better cohesion within the consortium. It will also be the last face-to-face moment before closing to anchor the project and ensure its sustainability under good conditions so that the actions carried out continue.

    The last inter-Asian workshop 3 will be organized after the support workshops in Danang (WP6.3) and before the end of the project.

  4. Phase 4 - finalization, assessment and outlook for the future

    For this last development activity, the teams who piloted the implementation of the operational action plans and saw the concrete results of the project, will meet in Phnom Penh (January 2023) for restitution workshops, dissemination seminars. the method and tools used, reflection meetings on the renovation of governance within the 8 Cambodian and Vietnamese universities of the PURSEA project, the sustainability of the project and its entry into a new phase of work.

    As part of the project, this activity will make it possible to take stock of the actions that have been implemented and how this has repercussions on the open governance of partner universities. It will be about analyzing its actions to ask how to advance SEA in the region of Southeast Asia, and how to make the PURSEA project sustainable.




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