Capacity building



Staff capacity building in partner HEIs and support for change



WP7 is a cross-cutting development package, it runs over the 3 years of the project.

This work package brings together structuring activities for the management of the changes brought about by the PURSEA project. It is also crucial since it provides methodological, scientific and managerial support to all activities. Indeed, it aims to provide the necessary skills to achieve the specific objectives of the project, to strengthen knowledge to support university governance in Southeast Asia, and to strategy and management for each of the partner universities.

Strengthening the skills of team leaders and their teams is one of the essential levers for the transformation of governance and management. This is what will enable the implementation and sustainability of this project. The aim is to achieve a sustainable improvement in the performance of HEIs.

To do this, in correlation with the skills already identified, it will be necessary to determine throughout WP2 to 6 the needs of each partner university, to prioritize them and to respond to them by one of the 3 training schemes set up, considering the resources allocated. The aim is to support the development of the activities, to bring knowledge in university governance, and to consolidate the links between partners in South-East Asia.

In order to carry out this WP 7, the support of the rector, the involvement of the management teams, and the ownership of the project by the team leaders are necessary. Indeed, they will be able to mobilize, beyond the actors directly involved in the project, the stakeholders and thus initiate the organizational transformation. The implementation of new management practices impacts all of the project's target groups; this should enable the transition from a culture of means to a culture of results, and then to a culture of performance



  1. Training/action to support the development of project activities

    These trainings/actions will take place at the time of the first three major sequences in Hanoi (February 2020) in Ho Chi Minh (November 2020) and in Phnom Penh (October 2021). The aim will be to provide the theoretical and methodological inputs necessary to carry out the activities and to co-construct the work to be done. These trainings will be led by the leaders of WP5-6-7 who will propose basic materials for the trainings.
    In the case of Work Packages 2 to 5, the initial versions of the methodological guides will be used and then adapted at each stage of the project in order to make them evolve according to the context.
    10 days are planned and are organized by WP as follows: WP1:

    • 0,5 day "administrative and financial management
    • 0,5 day "strategic steering and change management" WP2 :
    • 1 day "self-diagnostic device for autonomy" WP3 :
    • 1 day "context analysis and external environment" WP4 :
    • 2 days " internal self-evaluation: reference frame and methodology" WP5 :
    • 2 days "from analysis to preparation of strategic plans and action plans: Methods and implementation devices".
    • 1 day "renewed university management and autonomy" (during the study visit) WP6 :
    • 2 days "operationalizing operational action plans: brakes and levers

  2. Training to provide knowledge and transfer practices between Europe and Asia to support the implementation of new governance mechanisms

    This training will focus in particular on change management, the creation and implementation of steering systems, the development of partnership projects, but also and above all will contribute to the autonomy of the universities, particularly in terms of human resources and finance, but not exclusively.

    From the WP2 and throughout the project, P14 - UT, will be in charge of building the training plan and its implementation throughout the project and from the WP2. To help him, P4 - AUF, mobilizes experts identified according to the training for the Asian partners. It is planned that they intervene punctually on specific needs (10 days on the whole project).
    One year after the beginning of the project, 3 training modules of 2 days each have been scheduled at the time of the study visit in Nancy (March 2021), the 3rd meeting in Phnom Penh (October 2021) and the intermediate meeting in Danang (May 2022).

  3. Training and sharing of good practices between partner universities

    Increasing changes and interests in a context of empowerment require increasingly rapid and complex exchanges of skills within a network of stakeholders. This imposes the need to consider training schemes that are not only focused on tools but also on local organizations and practices.
    3 inter-Asian workshops are planned during the PURSEA project:

    • During the completion of WP2-3-4, 3rd quarter 2020.
    • During the completion of WP 5, 1st quarter 2021.
    • During the completion of WP6, last quarter of 2022