Published on 14 September 2020

Workshop : how to define development axes from a self-evaluation: the boarding development swot

Purpose of the workshop

Within the framework of the PURSEA project (Pilotage Université Rénové en Asie du Sud Est), we have developed a methodology for analyzing the internal and external environments and the links with the supervisory bodies in order to evaluate the organization's positioning, to analyze it and to extract the strategic and prospective axes

We propose to share with you this experience, the tools we have developed and used in this project

Educational objective and nature of the work in sub-groups

This workshop aims to help participants understand the process of building strategic axes during the implementation of an organization's strategic plan, to present the tools developed and to use these tools to design strategic or development axes

Nature of the reflections / exchanges

  • Theoretical contributions
  • Tool contributions
  • Practical workshop on the analysis of its environment (internal, external, relationship with its supervisors) and the use of exploitation grids - work on practical cases
  • Sharing experiences with participants
  • Discussions and answers to questions



  • Formateurs​ Trainers: Thierry Bontems and Sabine Goulin