Published on 10 December 2021

In order to accompany the universities participating in the project in the effective implementation of the activities of the development strategy, the cross-cutting training of the activity package 6 entitled "Conduct of the strategic steering of human resources" was organized on Thursday 09 and Friday 10 December 2021.

The speakers Marie-Laure Lopez, Estelle Gournay and Julie Paturel, all experts from the University of Toulon (France), presented to the audience the human resources development strategy of the university, the development tools of these and the elaboration of a number of work evaluation indicators.

The training lasted 2 days, with 4 main modules:

  • University issues and HR policy
  • HR strategy towards a forward-looking management
  • HR management and development tools 
  • Measurement tools

All these 4 training modules have concrete and common objectives: to help universities to define and implement a Human Resources Master Plan (HRMP), to know the main concepts of the Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois Effectifs et Compétences (GPEEC) and to know the prerequisites to prepare for a GPEEC.

The training was attended by directors and staff of HR departments from all Vietnamese and Cambodian universities in the project. They actively participated in discussions, exchanges and actions - "practice exercises" around the main theme.

This training-action is part of the activities of the WP6, which aims at the implementation of the multiannual action plan of each partner HEI and which lasts for 3 semesters (December 2021 - June 2023).