Published on 3 December 2022

From November 30 to December 02, 2022, the mid-term meeting of the PURSEA project was held at the Polytechnic Institute - Danang University.

The meeting was attended by the coordinators of 14 of the 16 institutions participating in the project.

This meeting has three different objectives: (1) reporting on the activities carried out under the Work Package 6 (WP6), (2) drafting the Project Guide and (3) training on the main financial activities of the project. It is an opportunity for universities to exchange on the progress of the implementation of the action plans, the difficulties encountered and the solutions envisaged.

Participating in the PURSEA project is a great opportunity for universities in Asia. Since 2020, HEIs have designated their key personnel to participate in the project, who then remain the steering team to build the university's strategy. Based on the results of WP2, 3, 4 (survey and analyze the state of university activities), the universities have developed a strategy of priority actions (WP5) and piloted the implementation of this strategy (WP6). The preferred strategy chosen is very diverse, depending on the needs of each HEI. For example, the University of Communications and Transport chose to develop e-learning activities, Hanoi University chose to increase research activities, human resources and equipment for research, and Danang University’s Polytechnic Institute chose to strengthen scientific research and communication capacities. .

A training session was then held to train the participating HEIs in many management tools to implement action plans such as the Gantt Chart for planning, work tracking forms and project management software.