Published on 8 December 2021

After 2 days of intensive and fruitful work of WP5 restitution, this December 07, 2021, the WP6 was officially launched. The session was organized face-to-face in Dà Nang (Vietnam) with the participation of Vietnamese university focal points and online for the partners from Cambodia and Europe.

In this session, Mrs. Sandrine Canter - Head of the Quality Department of the Free University of Brussels (ULB - Belgium) - the institution in charge of the WP6, presented to the consortium the objectives and the results that this WP6 aims at. Then, she also explained the methodology, the tools and the working devices to the universities' managers.

The WP6 aims at the implementation of the multiannual action plan of each partner HEI defined during the WP5 and in coherence with the work of the WP 2-3-4 and the contexts of each partner university. It will then be a matter for each HEI to PLAN, MOBILIZE the organization, EXECUTE the defined plan, and then MEASURE and VERIFY the impact of the actions undertaken.

This WP6 will be carried out over 3 semesters (December 2021 - June 2023), with various activities: preparation workshops for the operationalization of the multi-year action plans, comitology, methodology, related tools, and 2 specific trainings.

A training in support of WP6, entitled "Project management and change management" was also organized during the day of 08 December 2021, with the intervention of Sandrine Canter, Marie Lismonde and Thierry Bontems.  


On this occasion, Mr. Mokhtar Ben Henda, focal point of the team in charge of WP9 - Communication on the project and dissemination of results, also presented to the consortium the official PURSEA website, built and developed by the joint work of Bordeaux Montaigne University (UBM) and Hanoi University