Published on 17 March 2022

On March 16, 2022, a workshop was organized remotely (on Zoom meetings) to review the WP6, which brought together all 18 member establishments of the PURSEA project.

During this plenary meeting, all Asian universities successively presented the progress of their activities carried out in WP6, what they had obtained, the advantages and difficulties encountered, and the experiences acquired during the work. The European universities, represented by experts Thierry Bontems, Claude-Emmanuel Leroy, Marie Lismonde, Sabine Goulin, Sandrine Canter, then gave their opinions and remarks on the initial results of the universities, as well as offered some advice and useful recommendations for the continuation of WP6.

As a reminder, WP6 aims to implement the multi-year action plan of each partner HEI defined during WP5 and consistent with the work of WPs 2-3-4 and the contexts of each partner university. It will therefore be for each HEI to PLAN, to MOBILIZE the organization, to EXECUTE the defined plan, to then MEASURE and VERIFY the impact of the actions undertaken.

This WP6 will be carried out over 3 semesters (December 2021 - June 2023), with various activities: preparation workshops for the operationalization of multi-annual action plans, comitology, methodology, related tools, and 2 specific trainings.