Published on 16 March 2021

An extraordinary meeting of the Steering Committee was organized on March 16, 2021, with the objective of reviewing the actions carried out, but also to validate a new schedule of actions to be implemented in the specific context related to COVID-19.


This new programming includes three imperatives in its definition: the constraints linked to the health crisis in relation to the absence of expert mobility, the support system to be put in place, between distance and face-to-face, to ensure the quality of the deliverables to be produced, and the respect of the financial commitments contracted within the framework of the Erasmus + project.

In addition to the new timetable, this working session was an opportunity to take stock of the project's work packages 2, 3, 4: to elaborate a self-diagnosis of the degree and characteristics of autonomy, to produce an analysis of the external environments in which the missions of the 8 Asian partner universities are embedded, and to carry out a self-assessment of the development strategy by each institution concerned.

A model of report of restitution of the batches of activities 2, 3, 4 was proposed in order to ensure the continuity of the work carried out between these batches and the batch 5 devoted to the strategic planning device.

Finally, this meeting was an opportunity to take stock of the acquisition of computer hardware and software. As a reminder, the PURSEA project aims to strengthen the capacity of university governance in Southeast Asia through the definition and implementation of a renewed strategic planning in a context of empowerment. This reinforcement includes the purchase of software for the implementation and monitoring of a multi-year action plan, but also a training program to support the 8 Asian partner universities in mastering these new management tools.